Tire change and balancing

At R2L car service we will professionally change your tires, balance your wheels and adjust wheel alignment.

Changing tires
While changin tires, we take of the old tires and put on new tires appropriate for the season. If in the previous tire change tires were changed without taking them from the wheels, the whole wheel is changed. After changing tires or wheels, the wheels are balanced.

Wheel balancing
Wheel balancing is important for making sure that the car wheels don’t vibrate and turn appropriately when driving. Balancing is performed by attaching special wheights to the weel.

Wheel alignment
Wheel alignment adjustments must be performed after changing certains parts of the suspension, but it is recommended to do it at least once a year regardless.Wheel alignemnt adjustment is performed by tuning three main parametres – wheel camber, wheel alignment and the so called caster with special equipment.
Usually adjustmnets in wheel alingment is not neccessary when chanign tires, but it must be noted that incorrect wheel alignment may increase tire wear as well as hinder driving both in straights and on corners.