Pre-purchase check

In order to make sure our clients are aware of the real condition of the car they wish to buy, we have created the pre-purchase check service.

After thoroughly checking the car we will inform you not only about the current condition of the car but as well whether the car has been in any significant crashes, has any hidden issues, what future issues may arise and what future repair costs may be.

The pre-purchase check includes:
1. Checking of car paint thickness with special equipment, with special attention to structurally important car parts. If the paint thickness is significantly bigger than usual it means that that part of the car has been damaged;

2. After opening the hatch: our mechanics check the engine, a part of the gear box, other reachable parts. Any leakage of oil or other fluids is determined as well as the state of tubes and rubber tubes.

3. After lifting the car on the car lift: our mechanics check the car condition from below, such as suspension, gear box, any leakage of car fluids, brake tubes and rubber tubes condition, any car body or wing damage from rust. Additionally, we check wheel bearings, shock absorbers and brake pads, steering gear as well as the condtion of the tires. We also check the exaust sistem for any leaks or rust damage.

4. Electric diagnostic sistem is used to check if there are any digital issues or errors in the car. If there are no errors, the car is in good condition. We may also check fuel injectors and the turbine.

5. Upon request the car may be check on-road as well. In this case the car’s suspension is checked: it’s shock absorbers, wheel aligment, etc. In some cases it is possible to determine damage to the structure of the car body (faulty window or door inlay).

6. All issues found during the check-up are listed in a special sheet and given to the client. Our mechanics will explain all the issues found and also give a preliminary cost estimate for fixing those issues.

We highly recommend the pre-purchase car check for buyers, who wish to know the condition of the car they wish to byu, as well as car sellers who want to reassure their client of their purchase.