For your safety

We care for your safety
In accordance with recent threats we took action to ensure the safety of our clients and staff.

Limitting flow
We do our best to only accept one person in the reception area at a time. Accordingly, we ask our clients to call our reception before entering.
Currently we will ask our clients not to wait in the reception area for their car even if the wait is to be short. We will inform each client by phone as soon as their car is repaired.
In order to ensure safety of both clients and our staff, watching the repair work in progress is prohibited.

Limit of contact
Based on recommendations, we are limiting contact between clients and staff to a minimum. Accordingly, we will strive to get all information regarding the registration for repair by phone, so that the registration form is ready when the client arrives.
All repair information and costs will be agreed to by phone or e-mail.
From now on it will be possible to pay for repairs not only wth cash or card but also bank transfer. Make sure to inform our staff that you wish to pay via bank transfer so that our staff may e-mail you our bank transfer information. The details can also be found in our website under to contact section. Please note, that payment via bank transfer has to be made before picking up the repaired car.
Additionally, to ensure client and staff safety the client reception area has been separated with a glass shield.

Upon request, we may dezinfect the car steering whell, gear handle, door handles and other surfaces before we return your car to you. Make sure to mark your wish for a dezinfection on the registration sheet or inform our staff by phone.
We regularly dezinfect our premises and surfaces, we use masks and gloves while working.

We took every precaution to make sure to keep our clients safe and provide top quality car repair services.