About us

R2L car repair service has been providing top quality car repair services since 2008. Located in Vilnius, Justiniskiu st. 134A, we have expanded our services and opened a second car repair shop in Vilnius, Mokslininku st. 11B/2.

Our main goal is to provide to quality car repair services, so that our client is happy and willing to come again should the need arise.

Our staff are a team of highly qualified and motivated specialists, who are always ready to efficiently solve any car issues our clients may have.

At R2L services we guarantee that our specialists:
– will perform computer diagnostics, efficiently find any issues, discuss them with you and any costs involved and skillfully repair your car;
– have extensive experianve with repairing all car systems and will provide highest quality services in a speedy manner;
– have all the neccessary tools and instruments to provide all services most effectively;
– with the help of our partners and suppliers offer the best solutions quality and price wise for all our customers.